My name is Peggy Bonnett and I own and operate Peggy's, a small salon located in Hair Boutique in downtown Rawlins, Wyoming. I worked for over 35 years at The Beauty Shoppe and loved it there. I moved to a shop called Elegance over four years ago due to circumstances beyond my control. I worked at Elegance, renting a chair there until the business closed in July of 2017. I enjoyed my time there and also enjoyed working with the people that I did but the owner decided to close the shop. It was then, unfortunately, time to move on. At that time, I moved to Hair Boutique where I work currently.

     I have lived in Rawlins my entire life, graduating from High School in 1973. I went to beauty school at the Beauty School of Fashion in Casper for a year and then returned to Rawlins, got married and began my hairdressing career.

     I have two grown children. My oldest is a son, Kelly who has been married to his wife Jennifer for and they have two boys, Kellen who is old and Kooper who is old. They live in Casper where Kelly is a commercial appraiser trainee and Jennifer is a 3rd grade teacher at Southridge Elementary. They recently moved into the home they had built in an area where their boys will be able to safely play outside.

     My daughter is LeAnn, who has been married for to her husband Corey and they have a daughter Kayla who is old and a grandson Kyler (my great-grandson) who is old. She lives in Rawlins and works at the Child Development Center and Corey works at the Sinclair Refinery as a welding trainer.

     I have been married for over to my husband Lee. Lee is now retired and enjoys doing woodworking to keep himself busy. He worked for twenty years as a conductor on the Union Pacific railroad then took a buy-off and worked for Carbon County for the next twenty years, first for the Carbon County Clerk and then for the Clerk Of District Court.

     I love living here in Rawlins and always have. This town has been a great place to raise my two kids and has been very good to me. I intend to retire here and enjoy that opportunity when it feels right to take that step.

     I take walk-ins whenever I have an open time so give me a call or come by and see if I can work you in. I love visiting with and doing the hair of my older customers who I have had a relationship with for many years, it is the thing that keeps me going and still makes this a fun job.

     I am a member of Christ Lutheran Church in Rawlins and participate in church activities in any way I can. I quilt with two friends from the church every Monday evening. We make quilts to give away to graduating seniors and other church members. My husband and I have had a Harley Davidson motorcycle for now and we both love going for rides. We ride a lot with our friends, the Dahlkes (Margaret and Bill) and always have fun with them. We have gone to Sturgis for a few days every year for the past (the last seven with the Dahlkes) and enjoy that adventure every year. We have a part-time home in Encampment that we spend time at whenever possible. It is a small place but very cozy and we have worked very hard getting it fixed up and ready for use by us and our family. It is time consuming doing all the pending projects but it has been a labor of love and very satisfying when we complete a project.

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